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Thank you for your patience, I know it’s been a long time coming, but hopefully over the next few weeks things will start to take shape and you will see some new changes to this site.  As you all probably know, I’ve been busy writing and now currently recording for the upcoming UFO album which will be released via the SPV record label early next year.  All other projects have been put on hold for the moment, but as we (the band) hand over the next stage in the process to our producer Chris Tsangarides for mixing and then to our label SPV for mastering, sleeve design and distribution I will be free to concentrate on some of my own projects again!

One project that I am particularly excited about, that started out as an idea at the beginning of this year, my 50th anniversary as a professional musician, is an EP with examples of some of my favourite songs that I have either written and previously recorded with other bands and (possibly, subject to permission with co-writers) some never before released material! 

It’s my intention to preview some tracks here on this site soon, so watch out for updates.

We will also be developing a new discography page and a photo gallery page which we’d like your help to develop, (more details to come.) 

Let us know if there are any other features you would like us to incorporate and if it’s possible we’ll do it! Please feel free to add a comment below, all suggestions are welcome.



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10 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey Paul, I’m a huge fan of yours, UFO was etched in stone with you , thank you for your talent as a musician . I talked to you at the Alter Bar in Pittsburgh and will never forget my friend . Rock On Brothers

  2. Thanks for a great show last night in Kolding, Denmark. I’ve been waiting 28 years to see you guys again (Saw you in 86 when you blew Twisted Sister off the stage in Aarhus), and you guys did not disappoint at all.. Just love UFO :-)

    Have a continued great tour.

  3. Hey Paul….Your work w/Savoy Brown…especially Wire Fire & Skin n’ Bone remain as some of my favorites tracks of all time. For what it’s worth, 40 years on your immense talent is still appreciated!
    Live Forever! :)
    Tony P.

  4. I’ve been a fan of UFO since first record I bought in 1976. Amazing that there is punch in you yet. I have not seen you live yet. Greetings from Norway

  5. Paul Thank You for your contributions with UFO. . Up until you joined, they were missing that element. Your ability of Keyboards /Guitar playing really helped UFO to reach their pinnacle. You were a very notable key player in that band. Coming from a Drummer, You and Schenker were always my favorite. Hope to see you again in L. A.

  6. Your addition to UFO has given the band a very polished sound. Your rythm guitar ,keyboads and backing vocal ties together the arrangement!! Thanks for all the years of hard work and master musicianship

  7. Paul,

    You were the perfect finishing touch to an already great band (UFO), they needed nothing after you joined. Were you with UFO prior to Schenker…wasn’t sure, but it was a shame the 5 at that time, Raymond, Moog, Way, Parker and Schenker couldn’t keep it going. I’m certain that band would’ve hit it on a huge scale, I was let down immensely when that happened.

  8. Hi Paul , one feature idea for your new website would be a question and answer page where fans could send questions for you to answer . You’ve had such a long and distinguished career and have come into contact with many great musicians over the years , it would be great to read your views and opinions .

    1. Hi Gary,
      Absolutely intend to put a Q&A section up there. It’s a work in progress, and I want it to be as interactive as possible. We had a computer crash with all the content of the old website backed up on it, so we are focusing on salvaging what was there originally and once that is done, we can start adding new stuff. Keep on checking back for updates!

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