Washington Post’s Junne Alcantara promoted to design editor

Press release | The Washington Post

Announcement from Newsroom Creative Director Greg Manifold and Associate Design Directors Matt Callahan, Brian Gross and Amy Cavenaile:

We are pleased to announce that Junne Alcantara has been promoted to Editor-in-Chief.

Junne has spent the past seven years working in various design roles across departments after joining The Post in 2015 as a designer within the Emerging News Products team – first working on the Select app, then doing motion design for The Post’s Snapchat Discover destination. In 2019, he transitioned to project-based work across the newsroom.

Junne distinguished himself as a thoughtful, creative and reader-focused designer who was able to handle fast-moving pieces as well as long-term projects. As a member of the news development team, he regularly helps support our custom model and supports staff during custom model office hours. In his new role, Junne will report to Deputy Design Director Matt Callahan and help lead the news development team. He will remain involved in projects as a design editor, but will also take on the additional responsibility of training and developing models and tools within the design team.

Some of the biggest projects Junne has been involved with as lead designer include George Floyd’s America, The Pegasus Project, Profile of 4-year-old shooting victim My’onna Hinton, The 13 Kids Project as well as the launch of About from U.S. . Junne, a graduate of Louisiana State University, previously worked at the Arizona Republic and Gannett’s Asbury Park Design Studio.

Junne grew up in Manila, San Francisco and New Orleans. He lives in the district with his wife, Courtney Kan, and his dog, Rey. After a long break, he is back to running and hopes to run another marathon. He will also never turn down any opportunity to discuss the history and culture of Filipino cuisine and the Diaspora.

Please join us in congratulating Junne. The new role started on Monday.