Wandering Editor Annapurna Will Host a Pop-Up Cat Cafe in NYC

A Stray launch event is taking place at Meow Parlor in New York, allowing fans to celebrate the sci-fi cat’s adventure alongside real kittens.

Annapurna Interactive, the sci-fi cat simulator editor Wander, will host a pop-up launch celebration at New York’s Meow Parlor Cat Cafe. The all-new puzzle platformer, developed by BlueTwelve Studio, casts players as an adorable stray cat who finds himself lost in a futuristic cyberpunk world. BlueTwelve Studio recently shed light on real-life cat inspiration in Wanderand soon fans will be able to celebrate the game’s launch alongside felines and other fans.

First announced in 2020, Wander simulates the feeling of being an agile and resourceful cat while taking players to a strange sci-fi metropolis. The game primarily focuses on atmosphere and exploration, with players able to perform classic cat-like actions like scratching furniture and nonchalantly knocking things off tables. Puzzles are a key element of gameplay in Wander, with the purring protagonist’s natural agility seemingly making it easy to traverse the cyberpunk city. The challenge is choosing where to navigate, rather than the navigation itself. Stealth and combat mechanics are also present in the game, with Screen Rant’s game review Wander praising the pace and variety of the title’s content.


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Wander publisher Annapurna Interactive is hosting a free pop-up event at Meow Parlor in New York City to celebrate the title’s release. Between Friday, July 22 and Sunday, July 24, Annapurna will be giving out limited-edition collaboration merchandise for fans to take home. Free bubble tea drinks will also be provided by the Boba Guys on one of the three-day launch event. Those interested in visiting can head to the cat cafe’s website to learn more and secure a reservation. The cafe tour will allow fans to spend time with real kittens while celebrating the Wander the protagonist’s journey through an overwhelming cybercity.

Stray Cat Game Travel Cat Backpacks Harness Physical Liberation Merchandise

As Annapurna Interactive teams up with Meow Parlor to celebrate the game’s release, Wander cat gear like backpacks are another great way for fans to support the indie title. The collaboration between Annapurna and Travel Cat has resulted in a new line of cat backpacks and harnesses that allow feline families to venture outdoors together. The backpacks include an adorable window allowing furry passengers to gaze at their surroundings in awe. The cat harness, directly inspired by the one used by the kitty in Wanderare reflective and feature six feet of cord to ensure safe outdoor shenanigans.

While the game is an intense cyberpunk adventure, Wander is even more of a celebration of the kindness, agility and ingenuity of cats. The game fully embraces its new premise, and now fans can embrace their love for all things feline by attending the Wander launch event at Meow Parlor. The celebration will take place this weekend, so those wishing to attend should make a reservation on the cat cafe website soon.

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Wander is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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