Tim Scott’s memoir editor acknowledges mistake on line regarding White House offer

The editor of a new memoir by Sen. Tim Scott (RS.C.) has acknowledged that the editors mistakenly slipped into the book’s copyright page two sentences claiming that Scott was seeking a presidential candidacy in 2024.

Thomas Nelson, a subsidiary of publishing giant HarperCollins, said in a statement to the Post and Courier that the publishers made the mistake entirely on their own, with no involvement from Scott.

“The description on the copyright page was our error and is not accurate. This was not done under the direction or approval of the Senator or his team. We are working to correct this immediately,” it reads. in the media statement.

It’s unclear how the editor could fix it. Scott’s memoir, “America, a Redemption Story,” is slated for release August 9.

According to the Post and Courier, the fine print on the copyright page reads, “Senator Scott is a rising star who sees and understands the importance of bipartisanship to moving America forward. This book is a political memoir that includes his main messages as he prepares to run for president in 2022.”

Scott had previously told the Post and Courier that he had not signed those two sentences. Asked if the claims about his presidential ambitions were true, Scott refuted them and said it was “fascinating” that they were included in the book.

According to a brief synopsis, the memoir recounts “the formative events of his life alongside the inspiring stories of other Americans who overcame hardship and embodied the values ​​that make our nation great.”

Scott, who has been a junior senator in South Carolina since 2013, has written two other books with former Rep. Trey Gowdy (RS.C.).

He has often been the subject of speculation about a bid for the White House, but has never publicly stated such ambitions.