The publisher of The Believer raises $300,000, exceeding its goal

NEW YORK (AP) — McSweeney’s has raised just over $300,000 — surpassing its goal of $25,000 — in the two months since it announced it was buying The Believer, the acclaimed literary publication that nearly made bankruptcy last year.

Around 1,500 people donated money for the Kickstarter campaign, averaging around $200 per contribution.

“Work like ours requires a committed group of supporters and readers who believe in and support what we do,” McSweeney publisher and executive director Amanda Uhle said in a statement Wednesday.

The money will help McSweeney’s, an independent publisher based in San Francisco, pay for staff, operations and contributing writers, according to Uhle.

The Believer, launched by McSweeney’s in 2003, has published works by Anne Carson, Nick Hornby, Leslie Jamison and many others. After McSweeney’s sold the magazine in 2017 to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), The Believer endured financial hardship, the departure of an editor amid allegations he exposed himself , its near-closure in 2021 and sale to a digital marketing company, which at one point included an article – the subject of much internet anger – titled “25 best dating sites for flings, new dates You and Casual Encounters” on The Believer website.

In May, McSweeney’s bought the magazine from Paradise Media and its CEO Ian Moe.