SX Works Global Publisher Services will initially focus on the U.S. and Canadian markets as the first step in creating an integrated global publishing services administration and licensing division for the music publisher and author communities- self-published composers

WASHINGTON, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SoundExchange, the premier music technology organization powering the future of music, today announced that it is unifying its existing publisher services offering to create an integrated music administration and licensing division. services to global publishers, which will be called SX Works Global Publisher Services ( SX Works).

SX Works will focus on launching new solutions designed to support global communities of self-published music publishers and songwriters, with the first phase focusing on the United States and Canada. SX Works will be led by Paul Razor, president of the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA), who will serve as president of the division. SoundExchange acquired CMRRA, from Canada leading and authoritative music publishing collective management organization, in 2017.

“SoundExchange and its affiliates are committed to ensuring that all creators are fairly compensated for their work and that payouts are prompt, efficient, and accurate,” said Michel Huppe, President and CEO of SoundExchange. “The expansion of SX Works Global Publisher Services reflects the direction we believe the publisher services industry is headed and Paul’s recent success at CMRRA, along with his deep expertise and proven leadership, makes him well positioned to navigate the next evolution of our work to support music publishers and ensure creators receive their due.”

SX Works will leverage authoritative ISRC and sound recording data from SoundExchange and CMRRA’s extensive database of musical works, specifically designed to support multi-territory and rights contexts. CMRRA brings nearly 50 years of experience in collective licensing and publishing rights administration for record label catalogs, UGC platforms, and comprehensive usage reporting provided by digital downloads and streaming providers. . This unprecedented integration, driven by state-of-the-art technology and extensive transactional back-office administration, will position SX Works as a trusted and authoritative publisher services administration center. SX Works will also engage existing music users and new emerging technology platforms to ensure they have access to accurate data on musical works and sound recordings.

In addition to serving as President of SX Works, Shaver will continue to oversee CMRRA, as he has done since 2019. Since joining CMRRA, Shaver has helped grow collections and position the organization to is well positioned to support continued growth in music consumption. as well as the back-office administration of SX Works. Shaver has over 25 years of industry experience and previously served as Vice President of Nielsen Entertainment Canada, where he was instrumental in launching the Music Connect data platform which provides transparent consumption to the global music ecosystem.

“I am delighted to lead the expansion of SX Works Global Publisher Services and thank Michael and SoundExchange management for entrusting me and the team with the leadership of this next phase of SX Works,” said Paul Razor. “This unprecedented integration of the comprehensive data and expertise of two industry-leading organizations will ensure that music publishers and self-published creators are accurately compensated and will ensure that technology platforms engaging with music have access to authoritative music metadata.”

Additionally, a team of experienced industry veterans have been promoted to new roles within SX Works, including:

  • Paul GilsSVP, Operations and Customer Engagement: Gills will plan, lead and implement the publisher’s shared services model of operations within SX Works and the CMRRA operations team, while leading the newly created customer engagement and strategy team at the CMRRA. Gills will report to the president of SX Works Paul Razor. Prior to joining SoundExchange, Gills was Vice President of North American Administration for Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG).

  • Veronique SyrtashSVP, Business Affairs and Corporate Development: Syrtash will oversee the identification, exploration and analysis of new business opportunities and develop new strategic business initiatives that support the goals of SX Works and the music publishing community globally. Syrtash will continue to direct CMRRA’s legal and business affairs, overseeing negotiations and rate-setting proceedings in conjunction with the Committee of Canadian Publishers (CPC). Syrtash will continue to report to the President of SX Works Paul Razor.

  • Lori EllisVice President, Operations: Ellis is responsible for the development and administration of CMRRA’s operational teams, including client services, repertoire, licensing, and royalty collection and distribution activities, and will lead all new operational businesses at SX. Works. Ellis joined CMRRA in 1992 and throughout his tenure accumulated extensive experience in all areas of collective mechanical licensing administration. Ellis was instrumental in launching CMRRA’s Licensing and Distribution System (LDS), including integrated customer CWR (Common Works Registration) data. Ellis will report to Paul Gils.

About SoundExchange:

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