Snippets from ShinyShiny: GTA publisher closes £ 9.6bn deal with FarmVille

The video game publisher behind Grand Theft Auto reached a $ 13 billion (£ 9.6 billion) deal to FarmCity Zynga owner in a huge bet on the future of mobile gaming. Take-Two paved the way for the smartphone spinoffs of its biggest console hits by creating one of the industry’s largest mobile game publishers with sales of just over $ 6 billion. The move marries titles from Take-Two’s most popular console and PC series, including GTA, Red Dead Redemption, and Civilization, with Zynga’s mobile games spanning Empires & Puzzles, Golf Rival, and Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells. The cash and stock deal is a 64pc premium off Zynga’s closing price on Friday. Telegraph

by Tesla automated driver assistance function added a bossy driving style. The tuning will follow other cars more closely, change lanes more frequently, stay in the passing lane, and perform rolling stops. Such driving behavior by humans is often discouraged by security groups. However, sometimes it might be safer for an automated system to be more assertive, like a human driver, rather than being overly careful, an auto safety expert said. All three driving profiles – cold, medium, and assertive – were first added in Tesla’s October update. This update, however, was quickly withdrawn due to other issues, but the Drive Profiles feature has now been restored. BBC

After teasing its first foldable smartphone in December, Honor unveiled the Magic V. Honor joins Huawei, which is its former parent company, and Xiaomi in entering the foldable market. Like Samsung’s Z Fold devices, this is a dual-screen smartphone. It has a 6.45 inch, 431 PPI external display with 2560 x 1080 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and 21: 9 aspect ratio. Open it and users can access a 7.9-inch, 381 PPI screen which has a resolution of 2272 x 1984, a refresh rate of 90 Hz, and an aspect ratio of 10: 9. The two OLED displays are a bit larger than the respective Galaxy Z Fold 3 screens and support a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut. Engaged

Apple does not plan to get involved in the “metaverse”, despite its widely publicized plans to launch augmented and virtual reality headsets, according to a new report. The metaverse has become a key point of interest for many tech companies looking to promote their future plans over the past few months. Facebook renamed itself Meta to try to partner with the idea, while also revealing its plans to move social interaction into virtual reality worlds, and was joined by many more. But Apple is unlikely to mention the word when presenting its purported virtual reality headset, according to trusted Apple journalist Mark German. Independent

Apple’s iMessage introduced free messaging between iPhone users a decade ago has discriminated against Google users, and it has affected the sanity of Android users, a recent report of The Wall Street Journal revealed. Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president at Google, then took to Twitter to address Apple. He said the use of peer pressure and bullying as a means to sell products is “dishonest for a company that places humanity and fairness at the heart of its marketing.” Android’s own account stepped in, saying texting should bring us closer and there is a solution.

Google claims Apple is taking advantage of green bubble harassment on iMessage

IMessage users on iPhone have chat bubbles from other iMessage users in blue, while messages from Android users appear in green, and it’s been that way since they were able to use their chat app. native messaging on the Google operating system in 2016. According to WSJ, teens and college students “dread the ostracism that comes with green text.” GSM arena

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