Shonen Jump Publisher Launches New App That Lets You Create Manga

Manga Plus, the international digital manga reading service from Shueisha, the company that publishes Shounen jump, announced a new feature that will allow users to become creators and publish their own manga through the app. As the publisher of the most famous and successful manga such as A play, dragonballand naruto, Shueisha is undoubtedly the industry leader. This novelty is the result of a partnership with MediBang which will encourage emerging creators outside of Japan, and could completely revolutionize the manga market.


Manga Plus is the online manga platform launched by Shueisha in 2019 to provide worldwide access to translated versions of new manga chapters that are currently serialized in Shueisha’s flagship magazine, Weekly Shōnen Jumpin addition to the most popular manga from other magazines such as Jump young weekly, Tonari no young jump (where One-punch man is serialized) and V jump (which serializes Dragon Ball Super and Boruto). Japanese readers can access them through the Shōnen Jump+ app and website, but until the launch of Manga Plus, Shueisha titles were only accessible worldwide through local publishers or distribution lines, which has led to an explosive growth in online piracy.

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On August 30, Manga Plus Creators was announced in a Tweeter, resulting from the collaboration between Shueisha and MediBang, a Japanese company that develops free digital painting and manga creation software. Thanks to the creators, anyone can upload their creator-owned manga to the app, which can then be read by users for free. These works automatically enter the ongoing “Monthly Awards” contest, with monetary prizes available and also a coveted chance to be “officially” published in the Manga Plus and Shonen Jump+ apps, as well as famous digital manga such as Chainsaw Man and Kaiju no. 8. Prize winners will be calculated based on reader views, likes and favorites. At the moment only two languages ​​are available for the leaderboards, Spanish and English.

The manga and anime industry continues to grow at an impressive rate globally every year, so it’s only natural that leaders like Shueisha are looking for new opportunities and businesses. One of the biggest problems, however, is that while the market for these products has become truly global, the creators are exclusively Japanese. Western publishers (including Marvel) have attempted to produce their own manga-inspired comics, but Manga Plus Creators may be a complete game-changer, mirroring the success of Webtoon, a similar South Korean platform for digitally owned comics. to creators. more than 100 billion views per year.

Manga Plus Creators will finally pave the way for thousands of artists around the world to become successful mangaka and have their creations published by the industry leader. More importantly, if these manga are successful, perhaps they will help rejuvenate a product that, while rich in tradition, struggles to incorporate stimuli from different cultures. Perhaps, among the million readers of the manga published in Shounen jump today there is already the creator of the A play Where dragonball of tomorrow.