Shenmue 4 Might Be Teased By Publisher 110 Industries – Rumor

the Shen Mue franchise was practically dead and buried when Shen Mue 3 was announced out of nowhere, and even though it’s been almost three years since its launch, for longtime fans of the series who had long since given up hope for a revival, it still feels like an impossible miracle. Even so, the Shen Mue the story has finally moved on, but it’s still not finished. And with Shen Mue 3 Having not performed too well, especially commercially, there are still a lot of question marks over the future of the series.

However, it looks like fans of the series might have something to look forward to again soon enough. As reported by Game Rant, publisher 110 Industries – which is working on upcoming action games revenge is mine and Wanted: dead could allude to a collaboration with Shen Mue creator Yu Suzuki for the development of Shen Mue 4.

For context, Suzuki was part of 110 Industries’ latest Tokyo Game Show panel, which stood out from more than a few people, especially since the two didn’t really have much of a shared history until here. When asked in a comment on a recent Instagram post about working with Suzuki to make Shen Mue 4 a reality, 110 Industries replied, “Guess why he was at our TGS stream.”

If that’s not a strong enough clue for you, shortly after, in response to a tweet about that same rumor, the editor replied – completely unprompted – with a simple “No comment”. Both answers don’t necessarily prove anything concrete, but one would think that if the publisher wasn’t involved in the project, they would simply choose not to talk about it.

Of course, given that nothing has been officially confirmed, there’s a good chance it won’t come to anything – but it’s definitely something that will give Shen Mue fans have some hope for the future (although this anime was also good soul food).

Yes Shen Mue 4 is done, it will probably need a new editor. Shen Mue 3 publisher Deep Silver said the game performed below expectations and was not an appealing game for the mass market. Suzuki himself has said that if a sequel is created, it will likely have a wider appeal than its predecessors – read more about that here.