ReadersFirst Introduces “Publisher Price Watch”

From a ReadersFirst blog post by Michael Blackwell:

Librarians need to know how publishers compare to each other, although of course we will often be forced to license some at usurious rates due to public demand for their titles. We also need detailed and accurate information to present to lawmakers as we work with them to secure better terms, with little choice but government action due to publisher intransigence. And so ReadersFirst unveils the Publisher Price Watch.

Created by Carmi Parker and the team at Whatcom County Library System, with input from the ReadersFirst Task Force and others, Publisher Price Watch (PPW) shows what we pay on average to license digitally from major publishers by compared to printing based on numerous examples. This is only the first iteration. Over time we will add more editors and update data on existing ones. Watch the space for more. If you are a librarian or an employee working for a non-profit organization and would like to get involved, there is room on the page for you to express your interest.

Speaking of non-profit organization, ReadersFirst is completely voluntary and completely non-commercial. We do not take money from advertisers. We like consumer reportscan thus assign fair and unbiased evaluations to publishers’ digital offerings, based on comparative printing costs.

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