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Publisher Spotlight: Stylight

Stylightis the world’s leading online search platform that helps online shoppers from 16 countries around the world find fashion, beauty and design brands. We interviewed Alyssa Leccese(Lead Partner Growth Manager US/CA) to tell you more about the all-inclusive online shopping platform.


Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Alyssa Leccese, Principal Partner Growth Manager for the US and Canada. My experience is in the development, retention and acquisition of partners. In my current role, I am responsible for developing Stylight in the US and Canadian markets.

Can you introduce Stylight and its core values?

Founded in 2008, Stylight is the world’s leading online search platform for fashion, beauty and design. We help online shoppers from 16 countries around the world search over 1,500 online stores at once and compare prices from over 50,000 brands. With a single click, users who are interested in our partners’ products are redirected to their online store page. Our users simply place their order on the partner’s website, which increases direct sales, traffic and awareness of their business.

Tell us about your audience and what types of advertisers do you work best with?

We are active in 16 markets with 160 million annual buyers. Our users are, on average, 65% women and 35% men, with the highest share between 25 and 34 years old. Almost half (49%) of them buy premium or luxury brands on Stylight. Thanks to our pre-qualified traffic, we can offer our partners an average return on investment of 4. Our main verticals are fashion, beauty and design.

What is the most exciting time of year for you as a company?

The most exciting time for our business is undoubtedly the end of the year: many brands and retailers are looking for extra visibility during the holiday season and therefore want to collaborate with us. Keeping in mind the different needs of our partners in this very competitive time, we have also developed a wide range of special placements to increase their sales and visibility. We offer, for example, Christmas gift guides for brands wishing to position their brand via storytelling features, but also features in our seasonal sales landing page for those wishing to target more sophisticated users.

What’s a fun fact about Stylight?

We’re a team of over 100 people from over 25 million countries around the world, and a fun fact about it is that there isn’t a single team outside of our HR department where all team members speak the same native language.


What do you see as the main benefits for an advertiser working with Stylight?

We offer a list of products on our site, enabling brands and retailers to acquire new buyers, increase revenue and reach their full market potential. We provide additional visibility to our partners through prime locations that showcase their products at seasonal events as well as throughout the year. Finally, we offer advertising solutions, including a variety of branded content options to our valued partners as well as partners who are not on Stylight.

What makes Stylight an exciting company?

Stylight is an exciting company because we favor partners and solutions. We focus on the success of our partners by helping them acquire new buyers and increase revenue through product listings and content placements.


Exciting projects to come in the next 12 months?

Absolutely! We are currently working on some exciting UI improvements. I know that UI is often seen as more customer-oriented than business-oriented, but we believe that by providing as flawless an experience as possible to our users, their pre-qualification will increase; and therefore we will bring even better results for the brands and retailers listed on Stylight.

Where do you see the affiliate space heading next year and what are the major market disruptions?

Affiliate marketing will continue to grow as buyers continue to interact with the digital world through social media and e-commerce. We’ve seen a real boom in live shopping, for example, over the past couple of years, and influencer marketing also continues to pick up steam, so it’s fair to expect sales from the trade social will thrive over the next decade. I can also imagine that within affiliate marketing programs, certain areas will experience significant growth. Fashion, of course, comes first when thinking about affiliate marketing, but we can expect sports and beauty to flourish in the next couple of years.

Anything else you would like our advertisers to know?

We offer a 4-week trial period to all new partners, allowing them to test our platform and ensure that it meets their needs. We also have an exclusive offer for new partners: contact us if you want to know more!

Alyssa LecceseLead Partner Growth Manager US/CA at Stylight

A big thank you to Alyssafor this very informative interview!

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