Promotions announced on The Washington Post Audio Team

Press release | The Washington Post

Announcement from Audio Director Renita Jablonski:

We’re excited to share news of audio promotions for Ted Muldoon, Ariel Plotnick and Rennie Svirnovskiy.

Ted Muldon was promoted to senior producer. Ted joined The Post in 2017 as one of the audio team’s first recruits. He started out as a producer of the “Constitutional” podcast, and during that time taught himself how to compose music to use for show music. If you’ve listened to our latest investigative podcast, “Broken Doors,” you’ve heard Ted’s great work. He has composed many other songs and material that have been used in our subsequent podcasts. In 2018, he became a founding member of the “Post Reports” team and piloted the show, developed its sound identity and contributed to its launch.

Ted holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota. In his spare time, he composes music and thinks about audio.

Ariel Plotnick was promoted to producer. Ariel began her career at the Post in 2019 as an associate producer working on “The Daily 202’s Big Idea”, “Can He Do That?” and “Retropod”.

More recently, she was part of the “Post Reports” team and tackled some of the show’s most ambitious stories with an inventive spirit and sharp organization that helped meet deadlines at every turn. Last year, she was senior producer of “Inside the newsroom on 9/11,” the gripping reconstruction of what happened in the Post’s newsroom – and in Washington – on September 11, 2001. She has produced and edited the audio version of The Post. Significant survey of January 6 – “The attack: before, during, after”. Ariel has also reported and produced corporate articles on topics ranging from hard news like “Can a PSA End a Pandemic?” to fancy features like this tribute until the end of the children’s television show “Arthur”.

Ariel holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in English from Skidmore College. On the weekends, she enjoys tackling ambitious kitchen projects and cuddling her cat, Finn, who also enhances all Zoom meetings.

Rennie Svirnovski was promoted to producer. Rennie began his audio journey at the Washington Post as the department’s first-ever intern. Since then, she’s proven herself to be a true utility player on the team – she’s a stylish writer, has excellent news judgment, is a skilled sound designer with an ear for scoring, and is known for her sharp skills with Pro Tools, which allow her to produce breaking news segments in record time.

Rennie brings a sense of curiosity and empathy to his work and was part of the award-winning team that made our episode “Four Hours of Insurrection.” She is also a generous and collaborative colleague who is a passionate advocate and mentor to the audio interns who have come after her.

Rennie graduated from the University of Southern California with degrees in journalism and international relations. She speaks Russian and loves to cook and read, and enjoys taking on (but not finishing) embroidery projects.