Our take: The new editor is the perfect captain for our team

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Tennis legend Billie Jean King once said, “Champions keep playing until they’re successful.”
Over the past few years, under the ownership of Sean Cotton of the Grosse Pointe News, we’ve embraced that champion mindset described by King. Keep playing. Keep striving to get it right, whether it’s in the form of in-depth reporting, covering a new angle, or infusing a new approach to an old norm.
The news industry has taken notice of these efforts under Mr. Cotton’s leadership, culminating in our winning 2021 Newspaper of the Year in our Michigan Press Association class.
But a winning mentality means doubling down on working even harder to stay on top.
By appointing Anne Gryzenia as our new Editor, Mr. Cotton has passed the baton to our next great captain to lead an enthusiastic, team-based newsroom that they have both helped to develop. As a former Big Ten athlete and captain of the Michigan State varsity women’s tennis team, Ms. Gryzenia knows a thing or two about teamwork, leadership and winning.
As Laurel Kraus reported in this edition of GP News, Ms. Gryzenia focuses on our newspaper’s commitment to local journalism, public service and community engagement.
“Our goal is to cover as much of the lifestyle, events and people of Grosse Pointe as possible and to highlight the successes of local businesses,” she said. “Our goal is to provide something for everyone every week.”
Ms. Gryzenia has been instrumental in the exciting improvements you’ve seen in this document over the past 18 or so months. She constantly creates new columns, special sections and sports content for the newspaper.
Here are some of our notable recent new additions and improvements:
* A deeper dive into reporting:
We work to create insightful pieces about arts and business with themes of human interest.
* Public Service Journalism:
In an effort to provide comprehensive coverage of news, features and editorials in the same issue, we bring a local angle to topics such as the war in Ukraine and the labor crisis in the country.
* A new Life & Entertainment section:
Readers can browse a weekly local council column, Dear Gabby; local recipes from the Table de Mombeau; the product testing column, We Tried It; Sudoku, a weekly wine column; cartoons/funny pages and horoscopes.
* Weekly Special Sections:
Our goal is to showcase local businesses in themes like fashion and travel and highlight engagements and baby announcements in Beautiful Beginnings.
* Expanded and improved sports section:
Readers can expect weekly scores and local sports highlights, including a new weekly sports feature, Athlete of the Week, launching in September 2021.
* More Spike Pride:
We’ve devoted even more coverage to this well-received feature to highlight local student Dean’s List accomplishments and coverage for high school and college graduates.
* Community contests:
Our readers have enthusiastically engaged in contests like Athlete of the Year, which will award $500 scholarships to four winners, two of which are determined by reader votes; Finer Points Art Contest; Best of the Best, based on readers’ favorite foods, activities and services in the Pointes; and our month-long award-winning coastal fishing competition.
* An award-winning annual wedding guide:
This annual glossy magazine features stunning local weddings and offers tips and expert advice to help couples plan their wedding.
* A summer internship program:
The program brings students from around the region to gain experience in writing, editing and producing newspapers with our staff helping to guide the next generation of journalists.
In tandem with our Managing Editor, Jody McVeigh, our team brings with them decades of journalism and newspaper experience. We’ll apply that knowledge as we continue to cover news and features across the five towns on the Point and address the most impactful events, such as last summer’s historic floods.
We want to know what you think. Tell us what you want to see in GP News. You are the community we serve and span, and some of the best ideas result when we brainstorm together. Send your comments, ideas and suggestions to [email protected]