Noelle LeVeaux joins D Magazine Partners as editor

Remember the local B&G campaign? It was a monster Instagram hit that drew residents and visitors alike to portray themselves as the visual “I” in “BIG,” as in “Big Things Happening in Dallas.” Noelle LeVeaux, who at the time was director of marketing and senior vice president of Visit Dallas, carried out this program. That’s when I first met her, about ten years ago. I took her out to dinner and asked her if she ever wanted to work in marketing operations for D Magazine Partners. If I remember correctly, his answer was “no”.

That’s how it goes, right? I wasn’t even completely sold on the B*G campaign. (“You can’t be anything but big and yadda yadda?”) But I was crazy about the creative thought and execution that brought it to life. It was a logistical triumph. I know a talented marketer when I see one.

When we launched our search for a new publisher for Magazine D, CEO, D Home, D Weddings,, and our massive event programs, we spun the wheels first, looking for a killer sales leader. Then we had an awareness that made us move forward. Our teams know how to sell. But we are in 2022. We must offer our advertisers and sponsors personalized marketing solutions. Like, real original campaigns. Their needs changed, and we had to change too. What if our killer sales manager had a secret weapon, a genius marketing brain that she could bring to the aid of our advertisers and sponsors?

I am pleased to announce that Noelle LeVeaux will be the publisher of D Magazine Partners starting in May.

As far as I know, she’s the first math grad we’ve ever hired, graduating from Spelman College. She most recently served as Director of Marketing at one of the city’s most beloved institutions, the Communities Foundation of Texas. There are no two better allies than CFT and D Magazine Partners, and I know that going forward, our partnership will be stronger than ever.

This decision allows Gillea Allison, our President, to discuss corporate strategy and profitable partnerships. This aligns with our company’s new focus on solutions, whether it’s creating marketing programs for our sponsors and advertisers, or publishing analytics that show City Hall how it could do business differently. Sometimes, on the editorial side, the solution is to identify issues in a way that our readers care about. Other times, we offer examples where other cities have done it right. We’ll always post about the brilliant good deeds and outrageous shenanigans that make Dallas such a fascinating place to live. But in the future, we also want to be part of the solution.

Noelle brings that spirit, independence and solution-mindedness to her new home at D Magazine Partners. For our culture, it is a natural choice. For our business partners, she will provide high impact marketing strategies that will take our business from great to great. More importantly, she loves this town as madly as we do. The future of our company (and our city) just got better.

Thank you all for being part of it.


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