Mediavine becomes the first publisher to launch server-to-server integration with The Trade Desk’s OpenPath

Direct integration gives buyers more efficient buying power with Mediavine’s 9,000+ independent publishers

BOCA RATON, Florida., August 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mediavine, the largest full-service proprietary advertising management company in the United States, has announced its integration with The Trade Desk’s OpenPath via a direct server-to-server OpenRTB connection. This direct integration will allow buyers to have more effective and efficient purchasing power of Mediavine’s more than twenty billion video and display impressions.

The Trade Desk’s OpenPath aims to eliminate the inefficiencies that are often present in the programmatic digital advertising supply chain, including the lack of walled garden transparency. As the first partner of The Trade Desk to connect to OpenPath via direct server-to-server integration, Mediavine foresees a connection with fewer browser timeouts, reduced latency, better ad visibility and maximized monetization . This integration between The Trade Desk and Mediavine leverages Mediavine’s industry-leading supply-side monetization technology for publishers, as OpenPath is not designed to replace supply-side platforms.

“Our continued partnership with The Trade Desk as OpenPath’s first fully server-side integration is another great example of essential collaboration between buyers and sellers in the industry,” said Eric Hochberger, CEO and co-founder of Mediavine. “Combining our cutting-edge technologies to benefit independent publisher monetization on the web is a noble goal that we are proud to pursue with The Trade Desk.”

“OpenPath represents another way for our advertiser customers to connect with our publisher partners to ensure they have transparent and objective access to the best digital ad inventory available,” said Doherty, Vice President of Stock Development, The Trade Desk. “We strongly believe in providing the most direct paths possible, and this server-to-server integration will create a more efficient connection to Mediavine’s inventory and preserve the free flow of premium media across the open internet.”

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