Magazine Editor Becomes New Gold Business Partner for Milton Keynes Chamber

The MK Pulse Publishing Center and Business MK have become golden trading partners of the Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce.

The famous community magazine and business newspaper, which celebrate good news in the local economy, have created a mutually beneficial partnership with the Chamber to better support each other with brand awareness.

Being a Gold Business Partner gives Business MK and MK Pulse editorial guarantee in the Chamber’s inbusiness magazine, website coverage, event sponsorship opportunities, and two free Next Generation Chamber memberships.

Pictured Northamptonshire Chamber Business Development Director Sunny Singh and Policy Officer Sean Rose reading MK Pulse magazine

The publications also plan to help the House promote their events, offerings and their popular annual union awards ceremony, which began on January 1.

Business MK and MK Pulse Director Martin Lewis-Stevenson said: “We have been present in MK as Pulse magazine for 15 years and Business MK has been in the region for 22 years. Due to the strategic alignment that we have in the region, it has highlighted that we are the main multimedia player here at MK.

“This partnership is about collaboration and working with the Chamber to pursue their ‘stronger together’ philosophy. We want to support local institutions, and that’s another piece of the puzzle of what we’re trying to do as a business, supporting corporate social responsibility and building brand awareness in MK, Beds and Bucks.

“If you look at what they do and what we do, I think there is some synergy. The Chamber aims to help their members and the local business and we see ourselves in the same way. We want to promote business and the local community and why people should be proud of them. It’s about feeling good about where you live and where you work.

Northamptonshire Chamber Business Development Director Sunny Singh said: “Our valued Chamber business partners are influential companies from across the region and we are delighted to welcome MK Pulse and Business MK to this exclusive group.

“We believe our business community is Stronger Together, and these partnerships offer the possibility of more opportunities and more collaborative work.

“We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Martin and his team. “

For more information on how to become a Gold Chamber Business Partner, call the Chamber on 01908 733082.