Letter from the Editor: New Experiences

Blaine Howerton, publisher of North Forty News, and one of his chickens (Selfie by Blaine Howerton)
By Blaine Howerton, Editor
North Forty News

Last week I wrote about trying new things. One of the new things I’m working on implementing at North Forty News is a brilliant website experience. The software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to determine user preferences for our website. From the ads they want to see and how they like to read the information on the page.

We tried to set this up early last week. Let’s say we are still working on the “bugs”. But the new software will provide a unique experience for readers of our website, and I’m delighted! I will continue to work on it with Ezoic, our software partner.

Another new experience — I’m working on another software for North Forty News. Our readers can’t see it yet, but I’ve “dusted” the brainwaves in my head to write custom software to help us manage our content more efficiently. The new software (the NFN app) has been controlling all the content you see in the newspaper and website for a few months.

As time permits, I’m writing new code to add features that will improve our workflow while making our news department more efficient. Eventually, I plan to combine this with advertising management and marketing, giving our advertisers a new experience and better communication with minimal staff at North Forty News. And much more to come! Ideas run through my head every day.

Also, in my last post, I wrote about the chickens we recently acquired. How does the chickens relate to North Forty News, you might ask? This is where new experiences come in. My sons and I enjoyed taking care of them and watching them grow. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. It was a new experience for us, that’s for sure!

At North Forty News, we aim to connect all communities in Northern Colorado so they can have new, positive experiences together. I have seen many other organizations send us their information and ask to be part of North Forty News. So the new experiments work!

I am delighted to see North Forty News doing so many positive things. And in the years to come, I hope we can be part of many new positive experiences for everyone in the communities we serve.

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