John Romero’s next game is an FPS with “big publisher” backing

John Romero, co-founder of earthquake and Loss developer id Software, is hiring for another first-person shooter.

On Tuesday morning, Romero posted a workplace for his company Romero Games, which he founded with award-winning game designer (and wife) Brenda Romero. The Irish studio is working with a major undisclosed publisher on an original IP and is looking for developers with Unreal Engine 5 experience.

The Romeros founded their company in Ireland in 2015 and launched their first title, a roguelike called Shooter taco truckin 2017. In 2020, they released the prohibition-era strategy RPG, empire of sin. Their next title in development is SIGIL 2, a sequel to their 2019 Loss mod. Empire was the studio’s first non-self-published game, as published by Paradox Interactive.

All eyes on Unreal

After entering Early Access in May 2021, Unreal Engine 5 was officially launched in April this year. The engine was “combat tested” with the release of Fortnite: Chapter 3 in December 2021, and features new animation and modeling tools to allow creators to iterate in real time. In 2021, Epic also released “MetaHuman”, a browser-based application that allows developers to create high-fidelity human characters.

Romero joins several developers who plan to use Unreal Engine 5 to develop their future games. CD Projekt Red has announced its multi-year partnership with Epic to use UE5 instead of its proprietary RED engine, starting with the next installment of the Witcher franchise. Additionally, BioWare and Crystal dynamics use the engine to develop the next installments of the Mass Effect and grave robber series.