Jason Binn: the American publisher and entrepreneur who made the world of print and digital media famous

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The way a few industries and sectors around the world have developed and grown over the past few years can be attributed to a number of factors. These factors include advancements in technology, which have pervaded almost every industry today, but there’s no denying how a few professionals and entrepreneurs are forcing their way to the top in order to bring about a wave of big change in their respective industries. So far, the media and the publishing space have seen the rise of too many such talented beings, among them a name that has constantly caused a lot of noise around him and his work as an editor and prominent American entrepreneur is Jason Binn.

Jason Binn is one of those rare media personalities who, through his publishing brands, could change the print media game and help retain its magic, even amid the growing adoption of media platforms. on line. Although these publishing media have also been offered in digital form, it has always focused on charming readers with print media. Jason Binn founded DuJour Media in 2012 as an innovative, cross-platform digital and print magazine, using targeted analytics to reach over 3 million readers and users across the country. It targets the elite class and one of the wealthiest and most inspiring individuals. Prior to founding DuJour, he founded Niche Media, again a leading publisher of various luxury regional magazines across the country, such as Hamptons, Los Angeles Confidential, Aspen Peak, Boston Common, Ocean Drive, Michigan Avenue , Gotham, Capitol File, Philadelphia Style and Vegas.

He even formed a custom publishing department to create publications like Wynn Las Vegas, Art Basel Miami Beach, and the Short Hills Mall for the Taubman real estate organization. In 2006, he sold Niche Media to Greenspun Media Group, and the following year GMG bought Ocean Drive Media Group, which was co-owned and founded by Jason Binn. However, he continued to oversee the operations and management of the business and stepped down in 2010. Jason Binn in 2016 even started serving as a chief advisor to the board of the global hotel booking app. events and nightlife InList.

Not only that, Jason Binn is also the co-founder of the Binn Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Charitable Foundation and even a patron of God’s Love We Deliver. Jason Binn began his career in publishing at just 23, and after graduating from Boston University, he went on to build successful media brands across the country.

He has indeed come a long way and still believes that he still has a long way to go in the industry.

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