Is InDesign too heavy for your PC? Use the Affinity Editor

When it comes to desktop publishing applications, Adobe InDesign is the industry standard. It has all the complex features that a professional needs and we all know that all Adobe software works great in Adobe suite.

However, not everyone using DTP software needs complex, expensive and slow software.

InDesign is a heavy, resource-intensive and slow-running application. Additionally, the monthly subscription payment model is expensive for many users.

This is where Affinity Publisher might be the go-to software for most people. Its cheaper, compact and user-friendly interface has made it the best alternative to Adobe InDesign. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Affinity Publisher.


Affinity Publisher is a one-time purchase software, which costs only 54 USD (just over 4500 Tk) and has regular updates. InDesign cannot compete with Affinity in this segment.

The monthly subscription fee for InDesign is $21. With the Photoshop + Illustrator bundle, the monthly fee reaches $53.

This type of pricing model makes Adobe software far too expensive. If we compare the prices, with 54 USD, a user can run Affinity Publisher all his life while he can only continue for two and a half months with this amount with InDesign.


Affinity knows what most users need and has organized its publishing software tools and utilities accordingly. The application is light, fast and has all the necessary tools, except for the most complex ones which are rarely useful.


One of the main reasons why Affinity Publisher is popular among its users is its user-friendly interface. The interface is intuitive and robust, while having many similarities with the InDesign interface. Thus, it makes it easier for users to switch applications.

Customer Focused Updates

Another big and central selling point of Affinity Publishers is its focus on its user community. The application receives frequent updates based on suggestions and needs from its user community, a quality that is not common in Adobe software.

Affinity Publisher is a great alternative to InDesign, although professional and power users will always opt for InDesign because the app is immersive and has all the complex, professional tools that power users need.

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