Improve relationships, relevance and reliability in the world of publishers

In the rapidly changing digital landscape of readership, it has become imperative for publishers to develop content strategies through partnerships that result in increased traffic, a loyal readership base, and increased sales and revenue. . Partnerships allow publishers to not only increase content engagement, but also help them stay relevant by adapting to the changing habits of their readers.

To understand the importance of the relationship between publishers and content recommendation platforms for driving relevant content strategies, Taboola India hosted a discussion webinar on “The Importance of 3Rs: Relationship, Relevance and Trustworthiness in the world of publishing”, with ideas from: Bhoomi Wadhwa, Senior Publisher Sales Manager and Bharat Arora, Country Manager of Taboola India, Indranil Roy, CEO of Outlook Groupone of India’s leading publishing houses, Masood Hussain, Digital Sales Director of Telangana Publicationsone of the main English-language dailies in the South region, and Hemant Chandiramani, commercial, marketing and partnerships director of SheThePeopleAsia’s largest women’s channel.

Here’s what they had to say about the importance of recommending content with the right partnerships to stay relevant and successful in the publisher world through increased audience engagement.

Connect with readers

There are a variety of websites in digital publishing depending on their periodicity, their niche, or the topics they address. However, what remains constant for all publications is their readership and target audience. Therefore, all publications must develop strong relationships with their readers to grow their business.

Emphasizing the importance of the publisher’s partnership with Taboola in designing a solid content strategy, Bharat Arora, Country Manager, Taboola India quoted former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni: “It is important to building a good partnership rather than scoring centuries. It is even more important to ensure that we can do collaborations and partnerships together to grow our businesses.

Invest in technology and content for reader engagement

“Content is the most important game in magazine and digital”, – Indranil Roy, CEO, Outlook Group

Trusted and authentic content can help publishers retain their readership and act as a trusted source of information for their audience. Taboola Press Room helps publishers identify topics of interest to their readers and helps them build a solid content strategy. The Taboola feed helps readers discover other content from the publisher that they might find interesting, increasing the time spent on the publication’s platform.

Echoing the other panelists, Hemant Chandiramani, Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships, SheThePeople, said, “Investing in technology and developing great content can amplify reader engagement and improve a post’s reach.

Find a balance with your media mix

Although creating content is the most crucial part of any publication’s business, creating the right media strategy helps them reach their audience.

“A successful social media strategy will help your audience discover your post, build audience trust, and also acquire a new audience,” Hemant said.

“Distribution of content by publishers is done online. Therefore, building a digital narrative for publishers is an ongoing process to drive the right engagement,” adds Indranil.

Choose a content recommendation platform

While it’s crucial for publishers to continue to scale their business, it’s also vital for them to choose the right content recommendation partner that will provide them with good quality content, consistent support, and good performance. These factors will help them increase their engagement, recirculation of their own articles, and revenue.

“User experience is the top priority for us when choosing a content recommendation partner. We also look at the platforms other publishers use and their usage scenarios,” Hemant said.

“Dedicated account management and step-by-step guidance and support to operate the platform are the key areas for us, along with recirculating our own content and good quality advertising content,” adds Masood.

Taboola has longstanding partnerships with leading Indian publications including NDTV, The Hindu, Zee Media, Hindustan Times, Jagran, etc. and will continue to give publisher partners and digital properties powerful and insightful recommendations.