Halo Infinite directs Jerry Hook and others found publisher NetEase’s Jar of Sparks studio

After his work on Microsoft’s Xbox exclusive Halo Infinite, design lead Jerry Hook started. a new business. Joining NetEase, developer of Diablo Immortal, Hook founded a brand new game studio: Jar of Sparks.

UPDATE: NetEase clarified that Jar of Sparks will primarily create PC and console games. However, mobile development may happen in the future.

Halo Infinite devs release Jar of Sparks

Revealed in a press release, mobile gaming giant NetEase is opening a new US studio to create story-driven games. Moving away from the massive free-to-play market, the company’s new studio will create premium experiences.

Led by Halo Infinite design lead Jerry Hook, new studio Jar of Sparks aims to revolutionize narrative gaming. Hook, a Halo Infinite lead and OG Xbox Live developer, aims to create a unique studio with AAA standards.

In a statement to us, a NetEase spokesperson claimed that Jar of Sparks is not a “mobile studio”.

Jerry Hook isn’t the studio’s only veteran developer. Alongside developer Halo, other game developers such as Batman: Arkham, Doom 2016, SSX and many more are also part of the team. There is definitely a huge amount of action game developers at the studio.

NetEase is adamant that Jar of Sparks will be 100% focused on narrative games. However, the studio has not explained whether it will refrain from multiplayer or free-to-play payment structures.

Hook speaks out

In the press release, Hook explained that the studio is full of veteran developers who have worked for major companies. A large number of 343 Industries followed Hook to Jar of Sparks, as well as developers from other studios. It is clear that the studio is full of talented developers.

“We’ve made games for some of the biggest video game companies, and now it’s time to attempt to put our own personal lightning in a bottle,” Hook said. “We want to create something new, innovative and it’s great to play. When looking to build a new studio, the most critical part of finding the right partner was aligning with the core goals of having the freedom to take innovative risks and prioritizing the passion of our creators.

“It meant that the experience of our players came before the company, which in itself is a risk,” he continued. “NetEase came to the table with a strong first creative approach; they demonstrated the same passion we have for our players and creating new experiences that we believe players are looking for.

No details have been released on the studio’s first game. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to see what the studio will come up with.