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August 17, 2022 – The National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced Wednesday that all states and territories have submitted requests for initial planning funds under its $42.5 billion broadband infrastructure program. of dollars.

The announcement comes two days after the deadline to apply for funds from the Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment program, part of the federal government’s Internet for All initiative. The NTIA said in a press release that it would evaluate the entries and “make the awards available as quickly as possible.”

Initial planning funds could be used for activities such as research and data collection, outreach and communications, technical assistance to potential subrecipients, training of broadband program staff, creation of a broadband office, mapping, surveys identifying underserved areas and marketing of the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband subsidy program, the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Within 270 days of receiving funds, recipients are required to submit a five-year action plan setting out Internet service goals and priorities, which will serve as a needs assessment, the NTIA said.

“The Internet for All initiative will provide states and territories with the resources they need for thorough planning, which is essential to ensure that funding is used equitably, effectively and efficiently,” said Alan Davidson, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information. “I want to thank every state and territory for meeting our deadline so that we can close the digital divide as quickly and completely as possible.”

The unprecedented amount of money, raised from the passage of the Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act in November, has received letters of intent to participate from all 50 states, DC and territories, has announced the NTIA last month.

Digicomm Secures Private Equity Investment

A private equity firm that has invested in companies like Charter Communications said on Tuesday it would invest in broadband distributor and reseller Digicomm.

Crestview Partners will make an undisclosed contribution to the Colorado-based company, which specializes in hybrid connections involving both coaxial and fiber optic lines for broadband.

“We believe Crestview can support Digicomm’s growth through organic investments and mergers and acquisitions to expand the company’s range of product and service offerings, while continuing to serve as a valued partner. added value for its customers in the evolving broadband and communications industries,” Brian Cassidyco-president and head of media at Crestview, said in a press release.

The investment will also consist of adding John Schanzformer Network Manager at Comcast Cable, as well as Crestview members, including Cassidy, on the Digicomm Board of Directors.

Crestview has previously invested in Congruex, WOW!, Insight Communications, Interoute Communications and OneLink Communications.

Glo Fiber expands in Pennsylvania

Glo Fiber announced Tuesday that it has reached agreements with municipal authorities to deploy direct fiber lines to homes in several areas of York County, Pennsylvania.

The areas include the Township of York, the Borough of Dallastown, the Borough of Red Lion, the Borough of Yoe, the Borough of Windsor, the Township of Windsor, and the Township of Spring Garden.

The Shenandoah Telecommunications Company subsidiary said construction in the county began this month and will continue through 2023, bringing fiber and balanced download and upload speeds, streaming TV and local phone service. and unlimited long distance to over 24,000 homes and businesses countywide.

“We have a long and successful history of providing fiber service to large businesses in York County,” Chris Kyle, vice president of industry and regulatory affairs at Shentel, said in a press release. “It’s exciting to continue this work bringing Glo Fiber to thousands of county residents and businesses. Our network is capable of multi-gig service that will deliver the speeds citizens need every day while offering an essential competitive choice.