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Is the future of fact-checking automated?

I’m a big fan of Full Fact. Any effort to provide independent fact-checking with a totally apolitical bent should be encouraged, especially in 2022 when disinformation has been weaponized. But modern problems require modern solutions, and the biggest problem in the age of live coverage and instant news consumption is that fact-checking in real time is incredibly difficult. Kudos to Full Fact for investing in a potential solution.

“Our intention is to bring these tools to as many users as possible, and especially to language users who have historically been underserved in automated fact-checking due to the difficulties associated with multilingual tools,” Kate said. Wilkinson, senior product manager at Full Fact.

Listen, even if it works, it’s not going to be a magic bullet for live fact-checking. Sections of the public will still choose to believe what they want to believe, and it is very, very difficult, if not impossible, to be completely unbiased. But it’s still very valuable. More please.

Democracy dies behind a paywall

Preach! We’ve been saying this for so long and it’s then good to know that other people have discussed the dangers of locking down the news. “Paywalls bolster news agency results, but leave Americans in the dark. As a public service, let everyone read election stories for free. YES.

Russia threatens Swiss newspaper over Putin cartoon

Russia has threatened Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung with legal action after it published a cartoon of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The newspapers should be about to shake the cages of the powerful, so frankly, NZZ should wear this as a mark of honor.

Claire Sanderson, editor of Women’s Health UK, on ​​targeted campaigns

It’s rare that we recommend podcasts other than our own, but this interview with Jacob Granger’s Claire Sanderson on journalism.co.uk is well worth your time. Particularly valuable for information on how you work with partners to deliver your campaigns. Listen to it (after our last episode, obviously).

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