Editor’s Pen: MLK Dream Jam to Bring Community Together for Youth Basketball Tournament

Next weekend’s MLK Dream Jam Basketball Tournament will epitomize and celebrate ‘the dream’ of one of America’s most honored civil rights activists and academics, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The MLK Dream Jam Basketball Tournament is a unique two-day sporting event. He will celebrate the legacy of this king by demonstrating his philosophies of peace, harmony and bringing together all peoples without distinction of race, nationality or religion. The event will celebrate these cherished principles. It will also celebrate the teachers and coaches who support and educate the youth of Fayetteville who are our future.

Weekly Up & Coming community newspaper is exceptionally proud to sponsor this event.

The tournament will feature all outstanding basketball players from public, private and Christian schools in Fayetteville, Fort. Bragg, Cumberland County and surrounding area. The MLK Dream Jam is a friendly sports competition bringing together schools, players, teachers, coaches, parents and Boy Scouts from local colleges and universities for the best basketball of the year.

The MLK Dream Jam tournament logo says it all and is very important to the theme of the event. During its conception, Karl Molnar and the organizers of the MLK Dream Jam reached out to two influential celebrities from Fayetteville to ask if they would support and promote the concept of bringing everyone together for a private school versus public school basketball competition. . Dennis Smith Jr., a graduate of Private Trinity Christian High School in Fayetteville and current Portland Trail Blazers NBA player, and J. Cole, singer and songwriter from Terry Sanford Public High School in Fayetteville, were on board. Both are presented in the logo.

The MLK Dream Jam basketball tournament has become a reality. The cherished prize: a full year of bragging rights.

We would like to commend Coach Karl Molnar for his insight, hard work and persistence in creating a unique sporting event that brings our community together. Additionally, we would like to express our gratitude to Fayetteville Technical Community College, Piedmont Natural Gas and Public Works Commission for their willingness to support this all-inclusive event and for their countless and ongoing contributions to the quality of life in our community. We encourage everyone to come support the top high school athletes in Fayetteville, Fort. Bragg, Cumberland County and surrounding area.

Have fun and thanks for reading Weekly Up & Coming.