Corecell accuses PQube of failing to honor publisher payments

Original story, Thursday, September 1: Corecell, the studio behind AeternoBlade 2, has accused UK game publisher PQube Games of withholding funds owed to it.

Corecell released a statement on Twitter which indicates that the publishing company has not fulfilled its obligations to pay a minimum guarantee in full.

The developer explained that his problems started after PQube released AeternoBlade 2 in 2019 on multiple platforms.

“We tried to resolve this issue with PQUBE but were unable to find a solution, which led us to terminate the publishing agreement around September 2020.”

“However, PQube has refused to return control of publishing to us on console platforms and continues to sell and take all revenue from AeternoBlade 2.”

Corecell added that as a small studio, it doesn’t have the financial resources to pursue legal action in another country – the developer is based in Thailand.

This allegation comes a week after PQube was accused of exploiting the legacy of Toge Productions and Mojiken for funding.

AeternoBlade 2

Update Friday, September 2:

The publisher claims that after AtereoBlade 2 was released, it had conversations with Corecell regarding updates. The developer agreed to fix what PQube called “significant quality issues” the game needed to be commercially viable.

He alleges the updates never arrived and the studio became unresponsive. PQube said it was still willing to pay the full security for the title.

The publishing house explained that over the years it had sent proposals and agreements to return the rights to the title to Corecell. The company alleges that the studio failed to recognize them.

The rights to the console versions of AeternoBlade 2 were released before the end of their contract.

“We have always strived to provide focus and commitment to maximize results for our partners and fully support them through all stages of the product lifecycle. When challenges have arisen, as is inevitable on such a long time in the games industry, we have always sought to resolve them in a fair and reasonable manner,” PQube explained in its statement.

“We will continue to focus our energy on doing great work for our Partners. We are continually working to develop and improve all aspects of our business and are fully committed to providing the best possible service and success to all of our Partners.”