Collaboration with publisher Elden Ring

Unlike George RR Martin, Mistborn and wheel of time writer Brandon Sanderson is known for finishing books—could be a video game collaboration with the Ring of Elden the editor will be next?. Martin is gone A song of fire and ice fans hanging for more than a decade as he pursues side projects ranging from book prequels to game of thrones TV show, writing the recently released show Ring of Elden video game. Now Sanderson is apparently being courted by the same game studio that worked with Martin on Ring Elden.

Martin did not work alone even on the writing of Ring of Elden. He did, however, provide a lot of knowledge and stories and designed some of the bosses. Years later, i.e. in February 2022, Bandai Namco’s game was released to ecstatic reviews.

Image Credit: From Software

Brandon Sanderson was jealous of George RR Martin’s video game work

Suspicions about Sanderson working with Bandai Namco come from Sanderson’s personal livestream. There, Sanderson opened a box from Bandai Namco containing a letter that he said expressed the need to collaborate. Sanderson previously said he wanted to work with a video game producer and called himself “salty” about Martin being asked to work on Ring of Elden. He said that Martin didn’t know video games the way he did, and from Martin’s own words, that seems to be true. Sanderson however later said Ring of Elden went very well.

Sanderson is no stranger to working with other creatives. He is perhaps most famous for completing the wheel of time books after the death of original author Robert Jordan. Sanderson is also advise on the Amazon Prime adaptation of wheel of time series, which recently completed its first season. He is also known for his own major works, and once had one of his Born of the Mists the characters end up Fortnite character skin.

Video games spring from all media

Martin compared working on Ring of Elden work on a movie. You’re working on it long before it comes out, there’s a crazy amount of world-building, and you’re working with a lot of other people. Granted, not everything Martin added to the game required him to be a gamer himself. However, a fantasy writer who also knows the ideal midrange sounds. It makes sense that Bandai Namco and Sanderson would flirt with each other, hopefully leading to a relationship that will benefit any fan of fantasy or video games. Ring of Elden as imagined by Brandon Sanderson could be a very special thing. Sanderson’s original content, or one of his countless books, could be the basis of a great game.

Additionally, a story can work across multiple mediums. video games from the witcher for Metro 2033 started as novels. Think of the magnificent video game of 2017 Cuphead. The insanely challenging racing and gun game was hand-drawn and based on cartoons from the 1930s. Why not make it a real cartoon like Netflix did? And since it worked, why not spin Ring of Elden in a cartoon, as one writer suggested?

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