“A clear publisher trend”: Rivals Autovia and Haymarket Automotive join forces to pool first-party audience data | What’s New in Publishing

“In a world where third-party data is disappearing, proprietary data is the new media currency.”

Two of Britain’s leading automotive publishers – Autovia, the publisher spun off from the sale of Dennis Publishing last year, and Haymarket Automotive – have announced they are working together to pool first-party data in what is rapidly becoming a trend in the automotive industry. ‘industry.

Under the terms of the collaboration, the leaders of the automotive specialist market – owners of brands such as Autocar, Auto Express, Carbuyer, evo and What Car? – combine their datasets to deliver data-driven advertising solutions across the open web and other digital channels.

With global coverage of the UK automotive market, Autovia and Haymarket offer a formidable first party data proposition. The new digital solution will be powered by Crimtan and offers “dynamic delivery of connected media against highly targeted audience signals”.

Our internal publishing data is unique because it understands each user’s journey and we are able to share this information and service with potential advertisers.

As a result, our customers can enjoy a simple and effective way to deliver timely and relevant messages to their target audience as they take the next steps in the car buying journey.

Chris Daniels, Chief Revenue Officer, Haymarket Automotive

Put aside the rivalry

The move between two publishing rivals is significant and shows the need for publishers to set aside differences in a bid to claw back revenue from major technology platforms.

Speaking to WNIP, Chris Daniels, Chief Revenue Officer of Haymarket Automotive, said that while the two publishers have had a close relationship for several years, the latest collaboration “was born out of the recognition that while we have long been fierce competitors , there are bigger and more substantial threats from the Duoploy and others.”

This pushed us to have informal open lines of communication with regular calls and meetings, often with others in the market as well, where we could collaborate on common challenges.

Chris Daniels, Chief Revenue Officer, Haymarket Automotive

Tellingly, Daniels says that one of the main reasons the two publishers chose Crimtan was so they could have more control over their joint data: “We didn’t want to take the data and merge it into a pre-existing sale or product. , which defeats the purpose of what we want to achieve and the value of our brands – to generate a better return on investment for customers through quality known audiences that we, as publishers, control.

Advice to other publishers

For publishers considering similar collaborations, Daniels says it’s essential to keep an open mind: “publishers really need to understand what they want out of a partnership and where they see the value of their collective brands, although it can be difficult to get there, especially when working with people you’re against beat for decades”.

Daniels adds, “Look where you have data leaks, review your ad tech partners, and tighten up any leaks. This is an ongoing process and one we’re currently undergoing, but it’s a must if the value data from publishers must be handed over to us.”

When you start looking at data from premium publishers, we can drive better ROI and more importantly, at scale. We just need to overcome the psychological barriers in the minds of buyers.

We also need to properly assess premium data sources so that the true value is recognized once audience data becomes less readily available through third-party data aggregates.

Chris Daniels, Chief Revenue Officer, Haymarket Automotive

Commenting on the collaboration, Jon Westbrook, Director of Publisher Growth at Sovrn, said, “It’s great to see publishers taking the initiative to join forces and create win-win solutions. I think this could and should be just the first of many collaborations between previously competitive companies to build engaged vertical audiences at scale. More publishers should follow their example.

This comes at a time when more and more publishers are looking to expand their proprietary data offerings. Speaking at an ExchangeWire roundtable last year, Morika Georgieva, head of customer success, EMEA at first-party data specialist Permutive, said publishers such as Business Insider, Future plc and Vox Media , have “built businesses from their first-party data, launching platforms that aggregate their consented audiences to advertisers, offering a privacy-compliant solution for third-party data deprecation.

In a world where third-party data is disappearing, proprietary data is the new media currency.

Morika Georgieva, Customer Success Manager, EMEA, Permutive

As if to underscore the trend, on Monday this week Marriott Hotels partnered with Yahoo to launch a media network that allows advertisers to target travel consumers using first-party data. The media network will use anonymous customer data from searches and reservations made through Marriott’s digital channels to provide customers with more targeted advertising.

Disclosure: This article contains commentary by Sovrn. WNIP is wholly owned by Sovrn Holdings, Inc.