505 Games Snaps Puzzle Quest Publisher D3 Go

The Italian publisher 505 Games has bought itself out Quest for puzzles studio D3 Go. 505 says the new acquisition will allow it to expand its free-to-play gaming business, and the publisher intends to continue supporting Quest for puzzles versions after the acquisition as well.

Why did 505 Games buy D3 Go?

Earlier this year, 505 Games released D3 Go’s Puzzle Quest 3the third main part of the Quest for puzzles franchise. Now the Italian publisher has taken its involvement with Quest for puzzles a little further and bought its owner, D3 Go, for an undisclosed sum. The deal will give 505 full control over the Quest for puzzles series, which includes several successful games such as the directed by Joe Fletcher Marvel Puzzle Quest and science fiction theme Puzzle Quest: Galactrix.

D3 Go’s games include the highly successful Marvel Puzzle Quest and various other iterations on the Quest for puzzles formula.

According to Clive Robert, head of free-to-play at 505 Games, the acquisition is intended to help the company grow its library of free-to-play IPs. This will be 505’s second acquisition in the past two years after the publisher acquired Infinity Plus Two (thanks, GamesIndustry.biz) in early 2021. According to Robert, the acquisition “will continue [505’s] dedication to growing the F2P business unit”. He says D3 Go has done a “brilliant job” with Quest for puzzlesand that the studio is a “natural fit” for 505 Games.

What is next for 505 Games after this acquisition?

According to 505, it will continue to support “legacy titles” from D3 Go, which presumably includes the Quest for puzzles games that are still going strong. 505 says the D3 Go publishing team will join the US 505 office in California and that there will be “additional investment” in the D3 portfolio in the near future. If you are a Quest for puzzles fan, it looks like there are a lot of good things on the horizon, so this acquisition should be good news for you.

Puzzle Quest 3, a 505 Games and D3 Go title
Existing Quest for puzzles the titles will continue to be supported through the new acquisition of 505 Games and D3 Go.

As for 505 itself, things are looking up, it seems. Last May, the company held its first-ever spring showcase, showcasing three games from its upcoming slate of releases: First Person Survival Among the trollsMelee action RPG wandering bladeand the rather intriguing tactical RPG Chronicles of miasmawhich comes to us from Mutant Year Zero people. There is also the Control multiplayer spin-off that 505 is working on alongside Remedy, as well as a full-fledged sequel to 2019’s mind-blowing action-adventure title. 505 Games has its fingers in a lot of pies, and now it looks like it’s starting to bear fruit. We’ll tell you more about these games as soon as we have them.