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I’m going to start off this gallery with some pictures you may not have seen before. These pictures were taken by Stewart Campbell a photographer from Glasgow.  He kindly sent me the pictures after the tour.  When I tried to get in touch with him via his website to ask permission to use the pictures here, the website was displaying the following message:

“Stewart Campbell was a photographer, artist , free thinker and entrepreneur until his untimely death on August 25th 2010.  Those of us who were lucky to count him a friend, and there are many, will always miss him sorely.  Rock on dude.”


All images in the gallery below are copyright of Stewart Campbell, RIP.  Click on each to see a larger image:

The photos were taken at the Glasgow ABC in 2007. Simon Wright stepped in at the last minute on this tour  to take the drum stool as Andy had broken his ankle.  The Nazareth guys attended this show and came backstage afterwards. They introduced Vinnie to a delectable cocktail of vodka and Irn Bru (not for the faint-hearted) Vinnie later commented that his tongue had gone numb from all the sugar!


Here are some of my favourite pictures with UFO during the 70’s

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3 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Thank you for sharing, Paul. I’ve admired your work for decades and these photos bring back some sweet memories of when my sister and I played UFO lps non-stop when we lived together.

  2. Hi Paul.
    Saw you with UFO first time in Heerlen (Netherlands) 4 nov 1979, still have that banner in my living room. Thanks for yours great playing and being with me on a picture Juli 2007 after a gig in Dortmund ( Germany), greetings Hans
    Keep on Rocking…….

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