Paul Raymond – New Album and tour update

Paul Raymond - Rewind 50 album
Paul Raymond – Rewind 50 album

Hi Everyone – sorry I’ve been a bit quiet on the site for a while but I have been so busy getting the new album ready for production it’s taken up all my time.  I am really happy to report that the album is being manufactured as we speak, and if all goes well we should be able to start shipping next week to all those who have ordered one through my Pledge Music page.  There is still a small window of opportunity to order your copy as the campaign will run until 8th December.

After that, the album won’t be available again until the New Year as we are currently sorting out a distribution deal to make it available through physical and digital retailers such as Amazon and iTunes.

On the tour front, apart from the UFO dates for next year which are available to view on the UFO website, I will be playing a few shows around the UK in January with a brand new line-up of my band Paul Raymond Project.  Dave Burn will be the lead guitarist with Andy Dodds on lead vocals. The rhythm section comprises Mark Coles on bass and Tony Steel on drums.  We will be playing Bristol, London, Workington, Selby, Newcastle and Birmingham. Check out the Tour Dates page for more details.  Sorry I couldn’t extend the shows to include any in Scotland or Wales, but I will need to start rehearsing for the UFO tour at the end of January.  If these shows go well, I’ll try and do some more in the summer months, UFO commitments permitting.

Paul Raymond Project 2014
Paul Raymond Project 2014
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