Here are all the albums I have been involved in recording over the years with the exception of compilations and boxed sets.  Hover over each album to see the title and release date. Click on each album to see a larger image.



Two Sides of a Penny – Wow! My very first pop album. Up to this point it had been singles only. The single “Everything I am” from this album got into the UK top ten. Another unreleased song “Waiting” which I co-wrote with Tony Murray, will be included in my new album Rewind 50 available later this year.

Currency – Nigel Olsson and I took on shared responsibility for lead vocals on this album. The direction of the band was getting progressively heavier after a diet of listening to Vanilla Fudge and Deep Purple had influenced our writing…..interesting! (or so we thought)  The fans, (mainly teenage girls) unfortunately, had different ideas!

Hundred Ton Chicken – Chicken Shack was basically a covers band at this point.  I learned a lot from these guys about blues and how simple little things make it work.  Stan, Andy and Dave were extremely good at what they did.

Accept – Fleetwood Mac were experimenting, trying to get away from the rigid blues format. Stan and I shared a flat and began writing some material. Mike Vernon produced it but blues fans were not impressed. In hindsight the album should have been called “Accept Failure!” apart from the single, “Maudie”, that made it into the top 20.



Street Corner Talking

Still a favourite of mine. We’d done a co-headlining U.S. tour with The Faces in January/February 1971 and they had utterly blown us away! After returning back to the UK, Kim sacked the other band members and we put our heads together and came up with some cracking material and gave a couple of covers a new lick of paint. Kim hired Andy Silvester and Dave Bidwell (previously from Chicken Shack) and with Dave Walker, charismatic front man, the line-up was complete. We played all the songs around Europe for a couple of months then recorded it “almost” live at Olympic Studios in Barnes, London. MAGIC!

Hellbound Train

By this time, we were on the tour-album-tour-album treadmill.  We moved into Trident Studios in London and virtually wrote and recorded it as we went along, as most bands did back then. (think of the money we all wasted!) I remember David Bowie and Mick Ronson always seemed to be hanging around the reception area with full make-up and hair-do’s going on. I didn’t actually know who they were until much later!

Lion’s Share

Holed up in Trident Studios again! Funny the things you remember – I recall producer Neil Slaven complaining that the engineer Roy Thomas Baker (later to be Queen’s producer) had distorted the drums. Sounded OK to my ears! I wrote two songs on this album that I am very proud of, “The Saddest Feeling” and “I Can’t Find You.

Jack the Toad

Not a favourite of mine. Recorded at Pye Studios. We seemed to have ended up with the same rhythm section that was fired in 1971. How did that happen?!!

Wire Fire

This one was recorded back at Olympic Studios in Barnes. We decided to carry on as a four-piece with a bass player/vocalist. The U.S. tour we did to support this album was the best I can remember. The camaraderie between band and crew was very special.

Skin ‘n’ Bone

Recorded at Island Studios in 1975 and released in 1976. Our Manager, Harry Simmonds (Kim’s brother) decided he would produce this one. Kim and I were still turning out some cool stuff like “Get on Up and Do It” and “Part Time Lady“. In particular I liked the cover of Thurston Harris’s “She’s the One“.  This was to be my last album with Savoy Brown before I left to join UFO in late 1976.



Lights Out

A different band, different music – I had to adapt quickly!  I wrote “Just Another Suicide” at the same time as I was trying to decorate the interior of my house. I remember Phil called me and I had to climb down from the ladder to play it down the phone to him. He sounded impressed with the song, but not so impressed that I wasn’t concentrating 100% of my attention on song writing!  In return, he played me a guitar solo of Michael’s and asked if we could do something with it.  I wrote the vocal melody for the verse, the lyrics were originally something like, “Tell me why, the sun refused to shine”, Phil had the melody and some lyrics for the chorus and we worked on developing the lyrics together. I added a piano intro and the song became “Try me”. Lights Out was recorded at Air Studios in London, Ron Nevison’s production was ground-breaking.


Obsession was again recorded with Ron Nevison at the helm and Mike Clink  (of Guns ‘n’ Roses fame) assisting. It was recorded in various locations around Los Angeles with the Record Plant mobile and at the Record Plant studios in Hollywood. This is probably my favourite album of ours. As was the case with Savoy Brown, this album was created in between tours, song by song in the studio. “Looking Out for Number One ” is another of my songs that will be making a re-vamped appearance on the aforementioned “Rewind 50” album

Strangers in the Night

This was the record that cemented all the good work that went before and became a “classic” album. I remember very little about the actual performances now. I can only put that down to the constant touring; it was very much “business as usual” and we had no way of knowing how popular the recordings of those particular shows would become. We were probably also at the height of our “decadence” by that stage, which may also explain some of the blank memories or memories that are not suitable for publishing!  Sad to say, by the time the album was released, Michael had left the band.

No Place to Run

This was the first time I had recorded with Paul Chapman. It was a very memorable experience as it was recorded at Air Studios, Montserrat in the Caribbean with Beatles producer George Martin and Jeff Emerick engineering. It was a beautiful location by day; sunshine, golden sands, clear blue seas, water ski-ing and everything you would expect from an island paradise, but by night it turned nightmarish with every nocturnal creature known to man coming out to play, including rats on the patio!  Musically, it was an OK album, I don’t think George enjoyed the experience much, he is on record saying that it was a mistake on his part, I think he was used to working in a more structured way with all parts being worked out prior to recording – but that’s just not how UFO works, even to this day.  It did do very well though, as I recall, it out-sold Obsession.


Recorded at Manor Studios in Oxford UK and Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, Netherlands. Apparently our excesses during recording at the Manor beat even the legendary Black Sabbath and we won the prize for the largest bar tab ever! It was the age of MIDI keyboards and big hair and I had them both in abundance! Jeff Beck hilariously referred to the eighties in PRS’s M Magazine as the era of the one finger keyboard guys (and he wasn’t far wrong) I distinctly remember I played 8 different keyboards on the track “Blue” (my favourite song from the album) but not all at the same time I hasten to add!

Walk on Water

Almost a decade had passed before I was to record with the band again and 16 years since the classic line-up had last recorded together. It was all the old faces back and reunited including the producer Ron Nevison. We recorded this at Rumbo Recorders in Canoga Park, California. The studio was owned by husband and wife duo The Captain and Tennille (Love Will Keep Us Together, Do That to Me One More Time) and the studio was made to look like a ship’s cabin! Unfortunately, I was a little bit detached from the recording of this album as my father had just passed away and I had to return to London for the funeral and it was a very stressful time for me.  I never quite understood the logic of recording Doctor Doctor and Lights Out exactly the same as the originals, but there was still some strong song writing and great lyrics on the other songs.

You Are Here

Recorded in 2003 at Area 51 Studios near Hannover with producer Tommy Newton. After a long lay-off period, UFO was finally in a position to record again.  I got a call from Phil to ask whether I would be interested in getting back on board with Vinnie Moore and Jason Bonham as our new lead guitarist and drummer respectively. It sounded like a fantastic combination. Some of the material for “You Are Here” had been previously recorded by Vinnie as an instrumental solo project, but Phil wrote some outstanding lyrics to the music, notably “When Daylight Comes to Town” and “Baby Blue”.  My contribution was “Sympathy” written as an angry song about people who stare at me! I shall revisit this song in due course (They’re still staring!)


Showtime was a CD/DVD package, including a live show recorded at Wilhelmshaven, Germany, studio sessions at Peppermint Park, Hannover and  a selection of interviews.  mixed by Tommy Newton at Area 51 Studios.

At the rehearsal for the live show I recall Jason being in fine form, singing and doing impressions on the mic.  Not a lot of people realise what a great vocalist he is. His impressions included Paul Rodgers, Bon Scott and Bruce Dickinson (complete with visuals) He can also do Noddy Holder (although he only does that at Christmas and usually wrecks his voice in the process)  In addition, we were treated to a rendition of “Delilah” (including ad-libbed lyrics that are not printable )with me accompanying him on piano.

I really enjoyed recording with the string section at Peppermint Park.  They were classically-trained musicians with their music stands and arrangements in proper notation and there was Pete, across the room from them, looking completely bedraggled reading his music from random pieces of paper scattered on the floor written in HUGE letters G / D / C /A etc.  Total opposites, but the result made interesting viewing!

The Monkey Puzzle

Recorded in 2006, Hannover (Peppermint Park Studios and Area 51 Studios) The Monkey Puzzle welcomed back founding member Andy Parker on drums after the departure of Jason Bonham to join Foreigner.  I suggested the album title “Heavenly Body” but it somehow ended up as a title for one of the songs! My favourite cut on this album is “Kingston Town”. I would love to play that one live.

The Visitor

Recorded at Area 51 Studios, Hannover in 2009. I was never quite sure who “The Visitor” was referring to!  We used a session bassist, Peter Pichl , as Pete Way was sadly no longer a member of the band for reasons I won’t visit here. Peter wrote down all the music in notation and read it from a music stand – (must be a German thing?)! I loved Vinnie’s “Saving Me” and my ballad “Forsaken” which was a nod to the Rolling Stones.

Seven Deadly

Recorded at Area 51 Studios, Hannover in 2012.  Our 4th record with Tommy Newton as producer. Although I like Tommy a lot as a person, he (as a guitarist) was not a very keyboard-friendly kind of guy! A lot of my work got buried in the mix or completely removed, which was starting to get a bit er, “tiresome” from my perspective! Vinnie’s songs “Wonderland” and “Burn Your House Down” were outstanding tracks and I have 3 cuts on this one. “Fight Night” became the opening track, “The Fear” which (I think) is about all the scary stuff that can happen coming off alcohol and Bag O’ Blues which was a hastily assembled piece added as a bonus track when one of the tracks we had planned on including just wasn’t coming together in the studio.

I remember a random conversation happening with our manager just prior to the release of this album.  He stated that “All your fans are old and dying out” Well, boy did you proved that statement wrong! It was our biggest-selling record in years and the tour was a sell-out!

A Conspiracy of Stars





Recorded at Air Studios, London in 1981.  The return of producer Ron Nevison.  During recording, Paul McCartney was working in the studio next door to us with George Martin and he popped in to say “Hi” a few times.  Contrary to popular myth, he didn’t actually play on any songs that were recorded. However, he did play with us in the studio as a joke to wind up Chris Glen who was always late for the recording sessions.  If anyone is familiar with the Comic Strip Presents “mockumentary” More Bad News, it was similar to the scene where Rik Mayall’s character Colin Grigson arrives late at the studio to hear someone had taken over bass duties in his place, storming in and enquiring “Who’s that playing bass?”  Ron Nevison was then able to reply (completely deadpan) “Oh, just some guy that used to be in the Beatles”!

Chrysalis signed me as a writer and asked me to come up with a “hit” single for MSG. I wrote Never Trust a Stranger – sounded like a hit, but it wasn’t! I really liked “ Attack of the Mad Axeman” – great dance tune for the first 32 bars!

One Night at Budokan

Recorded live in Tokyo, 1981.  Michael and Cozy were so popular in Japan at this time it was almost like a pop star vibe.  Hundreds of screaming girls surrounded us to the point that we couldn’t leave our hotel rooms. Cozy was quite ill during the show, he had picked up a stomach virus on the flight over from London, but you would never have guessed  it from the performance – what a professional – he was the best.


Recorded in 1983 with Manor Mobile and at Park Gate Studios with producer Mick Glossop.  We recorded the drums in a hotel ballroom – Wow – so LOUD!  I think Mick made a great job of this record, the powers that be at the record company were dancing around their offices to “Women in Chains” it was a really good song, but again, sad to say, not a hit.  The band members, (or maybe it was the record company – who knows) decided I was surplus to requirements and I got fired.  I subsequently saw them on tour supporting Dio and I wondered if perhaps they had regretted it… I had left Terry Reid in the lurch to join Waysted and I DEFINITELY had regrets about that.

Chocolate Box

Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, California with producer Mike Varney. I got a phone call from Phil just as I was wrapping up the PRP album Man on a Mission asking whether I would be interested in being involved, in the new Mogg/Way album which of course I was! but it did mean that I was totally burned out at the start.  There had been a legal agreement signed somewhere along the way that the name UFO couldn’t be used unless both Phil and Michael were in the band, so the name Mogg/Way was used so that Phil and Pete could remain musically productive. (incidentally, this agreement spawned the name “Covenant” which was to be the next UFO album, once differences had been resolved).  Jeff Kollman had sent Phil some pretty cool demos and it seemed we were in business.

My outstanding memory of this was that Mike Varney was keen to keep costs to a minimum and studio time was precious.  The night before recording was to begin he called drummer Simon Wright and told him that his intention was to record all 13 drum tracks in one session. I can’t repeat Simon’s response, but it was to the effect that the quality of the drumming at the end of the day might not be quite up to par…..  However, Mike was not to be dissuaded and so we started out at 10am and went for it! I played along with him until the very end until we were both laughing hysterically from delirium at 11.30pm that night and had to be sedated with large quantities of alcohol – what a nightmare!



Under The Rising Sun

I moved to Japan in 1988 and was looking to do something different. I flew Frank Di Mino out to do vocals as I was having trouble finding a singer who understood and could sing in English.  Osaka guitarist Reibun Ohtani was terrific as was Masayoshi Yamashita from Loudness on bass, but this first incarnation of PRP unfortunately didn’t really get off the deck.

Raw Material

1990-1992 home production (hence the title!) Paul Raymond Project mark II.  Frank didn’t make a return journey back to Japan (he couldn’t get a decent spaghetti!) but I was very fortunate to find a young vocalist, Aki Fukasawa who was just perfect for the job.  Around this time, The Black Crowes and The Quireboys were really hitting their stride with their bluesy style of rock ‘n’ roll, so I changed direction slightly to go back to my roots; rock ‘n’ roll piano, wheezy Hammond and slide guitars, pretty much the same as I had done with Savoy Brown. I didn’t test the water to make sure that Japan was embracing that genre of music as  much as the US, UK and Europe were. They weren’t. Whoops! My mistake. I still love these songs though and I included a couple of them on my UK mini tour in 2013.

Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart was essentially a repackage of the first two PRP albums. The title I suppose was a reflection of my experiences of two so completely different cultures.

Man on a Mission

Engineered by Mike Jones and mixed by Andy Le Vien at RMS Studios, Selhurst, Surrey. Once the dust had settled after the Tokyo dust-up with Michael Schenker I woke up one morning to the realisation there was no more UFO again. Something had to be done! Enter Julian Artis, a young entrepreneur and music fan who lived close by.  Julian financed my next solo project, Man on a Mission under the banner of Paul Raymond Project and introduced me to a brilliant local guitarist, Andy Simmons, which was to become the beginning of a long friendship on both a musical and personal level.

Man on a Mission was a return to a heavier rock format and I had put the blues away for another day.  Phil kindly agreed to sing vocals on “She’s on a Roll” and my arrangement of the UFO classic “Lights Out” (who else could do it justice?)  It turned out to be a love-it-or-hate-it track, with widely divided opinion ranging from being acclaimed as a masterpiece to harsh criticism.  (Well at least it wasn’t ignored!)  I’m personally quite proud of some of the music on this record, but I think some of the demo’s were actually better.

Virtual Insanity


Terms & Conditions Apply



Secret Life

A return to my roots as a jazz musician.  I was working as the resident pianist at a hotel in central London at the time, playing a lot of Standards and arrangements of popular music – and I got the idea that maybe I should capture some of this on a CD.  The arrangements vary quite wildly from jazz to big-band swing and even a bit of gospel thrown into the mix, which I really enjoyed creating. Recorded between RMS and my home studio – but it had limited appeal to my usual fan- base I think!


Rewind 50

My latest offering – the clue is in the title!  It’s a retrospective of my recording and songwriting as a professional musician which began way back in 1964 with Tony Jackson and the Vibrations. We got into the UK Top 20 with a cover of the Mary Wells song “Bye Bye Baby” (not to be confused with the Bay City Rollers song of the same name!)  That was my first taste of success and it has continued with varying degrees of success to this day.  The album goes through a wide range of genres, following the path of my musical career, from psychedelic pop with my band Plastic Penny through blues with Chicken Shack and Savoy Brown to hard rock or what is now referred to as “Classic Rock” with UFO, MSG, Waysted and my own solo work with PRP.

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57 thoughts on “Discography

  1. Paul, I like how the web site is coming along. Love that you added the tid bits about the albums. It’s fun hearing your memory’s. Looking forward to more.
    Can’t wait until the new album is out. And really can’t wait for your US tour.
    Thanks, Fred

    1. Hi Fred
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the content. It was suggested by another fan to put some comments with the discography, so I thought it would be fun to add some recollections that perhaps hadn’t been published before!

      I’ll be hearing more of the new album on Tuesday as I return to the studio to put finishing touches to keyboards and backing vocals – looking forward to hearing the songs with all vocals and guitars.

  2. Lovely insights into the albums, looking forward to seeing the others being enlightened on.

  3. Paul.

    Keep up the great work with your career. I have been an avid fan since the Savoy Brown days and have followed you ever since.
    Hope to see you in Dublin on the next UFO Tour, although I have travelled as far as BB Kings in NY to see the band.
    Best Regards.
    Tony Kilbane.

    1. Hi Tony,
      thanks for your comments. I’m sure the band will be visiting Dublin when we tour next year but I don’t have any confirmed dates yet. As soon as we get the confirmation they will be posted on the here and the UFO Official website – so keep an eye out!

  4. Great the discography is back on line. And love the comments with the albums! But have a question: are there albums on here you still get royalties from?

  5. Keep up the the good work re the comments on all your output over the years. Great stuff and so interesting to us UFO/Waysted/Schenker geeks!

    See you next year in Glasgow!

  6. Thank you so much for all the wonderful music over the years & definitely looking forward to the new album! You guy’s have really been stepping up the game on these last few albums! Will always love & respect UGO, such a large part of my life! I took lessons from Michael in 91′, & it’s good to see he’s having fun playing for the first time after all these years! Vinnie is doing such an awesome job as you all seem to be in top form!! 😉
    \m/ \m/

    1. Thank you for your kind words, we try our best to please! I am happy for Michael too, he seems to be in a good place both emotionally and creatively. Vinnie is a great guy, incredibly talented but also a nice guy to be around, so I think it’s a win-win situation all round!

  7. Hi Paul

    this is looking really good; do you have any plans to expand the information on each release as time goes on?

    Having watched you live for more than thirty years, I remain fascinated at your non-standard way of stringing your guitars; I assume you learned to play on a right-handed guitar? My son, himself a left-handed guitar player, was amazed when he first saw you live.

    1. Hi Johnny, for the purpose of this website I’m just keeping it brief, any more and it would be a book in the Making! (no immediate plans for that, but watch out for a biography of UFO , by Todd K Smith due to be published next year) Yes, I did learn to play guitar by flipping over a right handed version and playing in reverse, very lazy of me, especially when I found out that Vinnie is also naturally left handed and forced himself to learn to play right handed. Not a lot of people know that!

  8. Hi Paul, linked to the discography from facebook. Looking good…..love the comments about the recordings. I’m wondering if you any say in the UFO album covers and could you include some notes regarding this in the comments. Cheers, see you in Wolves.

    1. Hi Jon, thanks for your comments. Sorry, the meaning of your question isn’t quite clear, are you asking that UFO band members make comments in the sleeve notes about the Making of the album? If so, I can suggest it to management but all other band members would have to be in agreement, it’s not something I can make a decision on.

      1. Sorry Paul, what I meant was did the band have any influence on the cover art of the records and if so what do they all mean?

        1. Hi Jon,
          No the band have very little input regarding artwork. We use a designer, we give them the proposed title of the album and they come up with several design ideas and we vote on which one we like the best. I have no idea what they all mean! The crazy thing is, that the album title sometimes changes after the artwork has been done so in some cases there is a disconnect between the image and the title.

          1. Hi Paul, thanks for that. Hipgnosis made some fantastic cover designs and I remember listening to the album and staring at the artwork seeking out each detail….happy times.
            You mentioned Looking out for no 1, can you say why this fabulously haunting melody and sublime lyric has rarely been played on stage? As a kid of just 17 at the time of its release on Obsession the combination of string, keyboard and guitar was my hook for UFO and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  9. Hi Paul, love the discography, and especially the notes on the recordings. Love your work over the years, Lights Out, Obsession and MSG are three of my favorite studio albums, and Strangers In The Night and One Night At Budakon are my two favorite live albums. Looking forward to the new UFO album. Ta !

      1. Love the Rewind 50 album, I’ve had it about a week now, and have had it playing constantly. It’s actually so good I can’t pick a “favorite” song, I love them all. Cheers !!

        1. Hi Mark,
          Thank you for your kind words, Sir! Yes, it’s difficult to pick one over the other as they are all so different, but if I had to choose – it would be the Terry Reid song “The Sky and You”. It reminds me of the good times I shared with Terry and Paul Varley, who was a very good friend of mine, who sadly passed away a few years ago. It has also been the catalyst for reconnecting with Terry after 30 years which meant a lot to me. Hope you continue to enjoy the music and hope to see you at a UFO show when we next come to the States,
          best wishes

  10. Paul

    Glad that UFO has a new producer as I feel your keys in the previous albums were not appreciated. Hope there is some Hammond too and it is more hard rock than blues. And no female backing vocals. What was Tommy Newton thinking! Too bad that Andy Simmons didnt take over for Michael as I thought he would have been a great fit as I love his sound and feel of play on your project albums. Any truth that you lobbied for him to get the job in UFO?

    1. Ha ha, Quin! No female backing vocals this time – just me :) Yes, there will definitely be more keyboards on this album and plenty of Hammond already recorded. Yes, I did put Andy’s name forward when Michael left but nothing came of it. Andy is a great player, but he is quite introverted, so I’m not sure he would be happy in the limelight. I think he is content to play and record in the studio, but not necessarily in a live setting.

  11. Paul, this is wonderful. I’ve long been a huge fan, and the scope of the music that you love is so very cool. UFO is still relevant 45 years on, due to your presence. Thanks for letting us into your world!

  12. What can I say except UFO are my number one band and have been since I first saw them in 1981, early MSG I loved as well so you played in 2 of my favourite bands :-)
    Great to see the site coming along, do you do it yourself (as in the design/set up etc).
    Maybe it would be good to get some details about the songs/their meanings/the stories behind them, and maybe a tour diary once it gets on the road :-)

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thanks for your comments. Noooo! I don’t have any technical knowledge whatsoever regarding websites, so it’s best for me to leave that to others.

      We are purposely keeping the design really clean and simple to begin with. I am told it’s important to make sure the site loads well on tablets and smart phones as well as computers and I made the decision to stay away from the usual musician-style website with a dark background and lots of different stuff going on (not having a go at anyone here – just wanted a change) As far as the content is concerned, I’ve had a lot of feedback from my Facebook fans as to what they would like to see, and I’m going to try to incorporate as much of it as I can.

      I appreciate your input, but the song meanings are all Phil’s lyrics, so I’m not in a position to comment on that subject and I’m also not in the habit of taking a computer on the road with me, but maybe you could suggest the tour diary idea to Vinnie or Rob!

      1. I agree about the dark backgrounds , reading white text on a dark background for a while and all I see is the text in front of my eyes for a while afterwards!

  13. Hi Paul, great that the website is taking shape. Looking forward to any uploads from Secret Life. (A nice change of pace).
    Also looking forward to the 50 ep. Hopefully the next full PRP cd can have some bonus tracks of your original UFO demos/songs like Terms and Conditions did? Really enjoyed hearing the contrast/differences.
    Keep on Rocking.

  14. Paul, just stumbled onto your website. Love the discography with your comments. Love UFO, Schenker and Waysted. Seen you with UFO a couple of times now. Look forward to seeing you guys again when you come to California next.

  15. I have to tell you how thrilled I am to be able to catch up with you and your works, Paul. I has the great fortune to see you perform with both UFO and MSG. Please come back to the San Francisco Bay Area; it would be amazing to see you perform live again. All the best to you!

  16. A great insight, I enjoyed reading this.
    Great band UFO, first saw them in the seventies, then MSG in early eighties, and several times since.
    All the best Paul

  17. Hi Paul, thanks for this, it is absolutely fascinating. I had no idea of your musical background other than UFO and MSG. Good luck with the next UFO album. Having followed the band since I saw you on the No Place To Run tour at the Southampton Gaumont in 1980 its great to see you are still rocking!

  18. Paul.
    Really enjoying the way the website is coming along .
    Great idea about the new idea. Look forward to it.
    I was lucky enough to see your ‘debut’ gig at the Borderline in 2013 and chat with you after and get all my PR solo CD’s signed.
    As well as some more solo gigs, I hope that you might consider filming a live gig with Reuben Archer or a double live CD.
    Best Wishes

  19. I actually saw a Chicken Shack LP in the local second hand vinyl store , it was 40 Blue Fingers… , I guess before or after your time going by the picture on the back, didn’t know Christine McVie was a member..

  20. Hi Paul, I have been trying all over the net to find a copy of you album Virtual Insanity, with no success. Will you be selling this at you up-coming gigs in the UK, or can it be purchased through another source, good luck with the rehearsals a shows hope to catch you at Newcastle.

    1. Hi Ritchie, virtual insanity was only ever sold through my website and on ufo merch desks. It’s completely sold out, however it is available as part of my box set “The Story so Far” which is available through the usual retailers. Looking forward to putting on some great shows early next year and hope to see you there

  21. Paul you are a legend and will be seeing you at Selby in January and with The mighty UFO at Sheffield in March. Will also catch michael in December at Leeds. You are all part of my life and I want to thank you all for the pleasure you have given me over the years. I know it is not a great thing to talk about but LOVE TO LOVE will be my funeral song.

  22. Pulled out my “No Place to Run” vinyl album this eve and reflected back to the good ‘ole college days……Really cool sounding album then….and now, that stands the test of time. (I decided to look up the keyboard player)………So, from across the pond: “Cheers!”

  23. Hi paul, im matthew
    Im a huge fan i have one cd cover of savoy brown hellbound train
    May i mail the cover to u to be signed by u? Thanks matthew

    1. Hi Matthew,
      firstly I want to say thank you for following my music all of these years! I’m afraid I can’t fulfil your request however, as I hope you understand to do so would mean I would have to do the same for everyone else and there’s no knowing where that would lead! I’m not sure where you live, but if you can make it to a PRP or UFO show, I would be happy to sign the CD for you after the show.
      best wishes

  24. Hi Paul. Bumped into Andy Dodds in Wolverhampton and he gave me a flyer for your upcoming tour. Really looking forward to seeing you play again in Birmingham in January. First time was with MSG 1980 I think Liverpool Empire.

    1. Hi Paul
      I look forward to seeing you there, really looking forward to bringing the songs to a live audience, there will definitely be some surprises in the set!

  25. Hi With each year of getting older my list of “will these albums ever be made public?” gets smaller, but there is one thing I don’t know….. You did great songs with the Ruffians and Frank DiMino and you can hear them in the background in a film called “In Custody Of Strangers”. Any plans for a CD?
    Thank you anyway for a very enjoyable discography of consistent quality!

  26. Hello Paul, big fan of your work with UFO & MSG. Just recently “discovered” your solo stuff..especially fond of “Under The Rising Sun”, as I’m also a long-time Angel & Loudness fan too. Great stuff, keep up the good work, mate!

    1. Hi There Imran,

      You can buy Paul’s last album called Rewind 50 on CD from CD Baby, Amazon and other online retailers, or it’s available to download from itunes etc and streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer. Most other PRP albums are also available on CD through Amazon although the earlier ones such as Under the Rising Sun are now unavailable. A box set of the first 4 albums called “The Story So Far” is also available through Amazon.

  27. Paul, great insight. Just wanted to thank you for being the glue as part of my all-time favorite records from UFO, MSG and Waysted. All these best albums from each group contain significant contributions from yourself which I know is no coincidence. Thanks for joy those records have brought to my life.

  28. Hi Paul great insights into the albums – even as a long time fan of UFO and it’s various offshoots I never really realised you’d done so much pre-UFO work. I’ve met you a couple of times and I wish to thank you and the boys in UFO for always being gracious and generous of your time. Looking forward to this forthcoming covers album I’m sure the song choices will be interesting indeed. Keep up the great work.

  29. Hello Paul from Chicago just wanted to say that your joining UFO gave them an added touch of almost musical classical sound of your organ playing. Lights Out in my opinion was UFO’S greatest album when you were added in the mix. Good job Chap and of course Schenker years in the 70’s were UFO’s greatest achievement.

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